So, I’ve been busy making a zillion behind the scenes changes and plans for this here little old blog, all of which will come to fruition next week. That’s why I’ve been super absentee. Well, that AND partying in Palm Springs at a fabulous wedding, my daughter starting preschool and way, WAY too much Words with Friends (SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE ME STOP!).  Seriously though, I’ll be back to posting regularly next week when the site is all new and sparkly and fresh and “YAY!!”.

For now, I made a video blog. Now everyone can hear me whine my way through a whole 5 minutes! My public speaking professor in college once told me my voice was “in the basement” and that I made everything I said, even the most romantic sonnet or inspirational speech, sound horribly sarcastic. Like it was a joke… and I was a valley girl.


So it seemed fitting, then, to take part in this “accent” meme that’s been floating around for the past few weeks. Now, I don’t think I have an accent at all, despite growing up on Long Island and living in Crooklyn for the past 6 years, but I don’t know. Maybe I do. I do know this: when I stopped recording and watched myself I was all “HOLY SH*T! MAKE IT STOP! REDO!”, but there was no point in taping it again. This is my voice (and my awesome, attentive parenting). It is what it is. I’m like a 16 year old bratty Long Island girl. Don’t laugh.


** Props to the smokin’ hot “Not Mommy” for inspiring me.


Pete’s So-Called Life

Here comes the post in which I am going to MORTIFY my dear husband. Are you ready? Look what I found!

THAT, my friends, is a box of notes written to my husband from his girlfriends in JUNIOR HIGH (and a few from high school). Many of them were even still folded up in those perfect little triangles. After COMPLETELY busting on him for holding on to these notes written by various girls from 23 years ago (TWENTY THREE YEARS AGO!!!), we cracked open a few bottles of wine last night and read through them. All of them.

What made them particularly amazing was the fact that since I have known Pete since elementary school, I also know ALL these girls. In fact, one of my best friends “dated” my husband for a few weeks in 7th grade, and some of the notes were from her. From SEVENTH GRADE. I died laughing. DIED.

The angst. The fights. The gossip. The proclamations of everlasting love. They were BEGGING to be shared, so I’ve pulled out some of my favorite bits.

**Remember, all names are changed; these were from about 5 different girls (Pete was kind of an adolescent ho); and they’re from the minds of 13-16 year olds (many of whom I know and love today, which is why this makes me pee.). If I had a box of my own notes, I would share them in a HEARTBEAT. So here goes:

:: Hello, what’s up? My name is ****** and I’m in your homeroom and english class. Tell you the truth I am madly in love with you. My locker number is 1223… I love you!!

:: I love to just sit in my room, with soft music on, and think about you.

:: In english class I asked you “if we are going out?” You said “do you want to?” I said “O.K.” That’s what happened.

:: I wish the world was ours. A world where we could be all alone and share these times together. Because I don’t think I will ever be happier than I am now.

:: It seems to me that whenever you come over all we do is make out or whatever you want to call it. It’s gotten to the point when it’s starting to make me feel as if that’s what you love, not me, as a person.

:: Do you remember when you wrote, “I really like you, as a person, you are what I have been looking for, for a long time?”.

:: ****** was really upset about #### breaking up with her. She told ^^^^ that she was crying all through 8th period and the teacher made her go to the bathroom to calm down.

:: What have I done to deserve you? I’m really lucky. You REALLY love me and nothing else matters.

:: I feel so ugly b/c my skin is so dry, blotchy and broken out. I got a new lipstick. I’m so excited!

:: Reasons why you should smile!

  1. You have lacrosse today.
  2. There are no canker sores in your mouth.
  3. Lunch is coming soon.
  4. You remembered to put socks on.
  5. I love you very much!

:: I feel that the only time I can really even get close to making you happy is when we make out.

Last, but not least: my absolute FAVORITE…

:: Wear your boat shoes!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! Remember, preppy guys are REALLY attractive. Especially ones who have boat shoes! WEAR THEM!!

*****I love you guys. 😉 *****

Furry Photo Challenge

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her weekly photo challenge. The theme is “furry friend”. Of course I needed to put up a picture of my snoogetastic, dinosaur smoosh-face, tap-dancing kid.


The Paper Mama

Where I’m From…

I am from lanyard bracelets and friendship pins, from Pitfall and tins of Kraft mac-and-cheese.

I am from doo wop on the record player, Johnny Mathis crooning while the tinsel twinkled on the Christmas tree.

I am from the buzzing of cicadas during after-supper kickball games in the street, the lightning bugs at dusk while we hop fences playing Ring-a-levio.

I am from Easter brunch golf cart rides and squishy locker room floors at the pool, from dad’s plaid pants in the Corvette going to Saturday soccer games, and mom’s curly lamb chops hidden in napkins under the lip of our plates.

I am from thighs sticking to Nana’s vinyl car seats on the way to get Fribbles at Friendly’s on a hot summer day, from shag carpets and wood panelling while watching the Dark Crystal.

I am from Sunday School hymns, dried palms and unopened Bibles.

From stockinged feet in patent leather shoes in the backseat of a brown station wagon, eating Charleston Chews and sprinkled cookies while returning from church.

I’m from Long Island beaches and heaping piles of pastrami.

From tickets, golden rings and carousels at Nunley’s, and afternoon bike-riding adventures.

I’m from boat shoes with curly laces at field hockey games on blue-skied, crisp, autumn days. From soccer balls and trophies and freshly shorn fields.

I’m from sparklers and Barbies and sticker books and Keds.

I’m from home.



This was a writing meme that was inspired by other bloggers this past summer, and the original source can be found here.

For the past few weeks, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning Lotte has gone to camp and the dog has gone to playgroup: leaving me alone to do laundry and scour the apartment breathe. There’s something so calming about my Wednesday morning solo walks through the awakening neighborhood to the farmer’s market in the park. Camp is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

Now, please excuse me while I unapologetically suck down an ice coffee with my feet up while catching up on Real Housewives of New Jersey. All child-rearing and housekeeping and no play makes Tracy stabby.

Just ask my husband.


For this Wordless Wednesday I linked up with the fab mamas at Live and Love… Out LoudProject AliciaMoms Own Words and Angry Julie Monday.

Treasure Box

Last year, after learning about pirates, buried treasure and treasure maps and spending weeks squinting one eye and growling “Aaargh!”, LJ painted her own treasure chest. I explained to her that she should only keep her most prized possessions in the box, the things that are the most special to her.

The contents of the chest have varied throughout the year, and sneaking a peek is like sneaking a peek into her 3-year-old insanely random and adorable mind. She’s pretty possessive and secretive about the box, so I tiptoed into her room while she was napping the other day to check out the latest treasures.

Naturally, any kid’s most prized possessions would include:

  1. A wind-up pumpkin head
  2. That knee-tapper thing from the doctor’s kit
  3. Mr. Potato Head’s glasses and only ONE ear
  4. Some yellow bit from the Tinkertoys
  5. One ponytail holder
  6. The flower that broke off of some cheap, solar-powered dancing daisy
  7. One red jewel – that’s been in the box from day 1.
  8. Some medallion that broke off her Tinkerbell dress – also in the box from day 1.
  9. A disgusting, wiggly pink dinosaur she named Squaggily Boggily, and
  10. A bunch of seashells and coral from Mexico and the beaches here in NY
What are your kid’s favorite things? I know we’re not the only home with a well-loved, 25-cent Squaggily Boggily.

On Saturday we took a long road trip from Brooklyn up to the Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, NY. Now, I haven’t eaten a bite of meat in over 5 years, and I don’t plan on eating it ever again. After reading all the books and watching all the undercover factory farm footage: I’m an educated vegetarian and incredibly passionate about animal rights. One thing I am not, though, is a nag. I won’t try to convince YOU to become a vegetarian. I won’t try to tell YOU what to eat.

The goal of this AMAZING sanctuary for injured, abused and neglected farm animals is basically to turn everyone vegan. They’re not shy about it. While we were invited to rub the bellies of GIGANTIC snoozing pigs, the volunteer repeatedly reminded everyone, “THIS IS WHERE YOUR SUNDAY HAM COMES FROM, PEOPLE!! YOU KNOW YOUR BACON? A PIG WAS BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED FOR IT, JUST LIKE THE ONE YOU’RE LOVING UP ON!”.

It was a *little* much. In my opinion, the precious encounters we were able to have with these sweet animals would have been enough to make a person think twice about that next strip of bacon. But maybe I’m just a sucker for cuties with 4 legs.

I had a little bit of a crush on all the goats, obviously.


For this Wordless Wednesday I linked up with the fab mamas at Live and Love… Out LoudProject AliciaMoms Own Words and Angry Julie Monday.

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