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I love being home with Lotte. Love it, and I feel really fortunate that I’m able to be around for every adorable moment. Even the freak-out, face-down tantrums: those just make me laugh. I do miss the hell out of teaching, though. Being an art teacher is quite possibly the greatest job in the universe. Everything about it is the absolute best: from unpacking new supplies at the beginning of the year and setting up your classroom, to the joy in seeing kids look at their work with pride. This morning I came across a folder of some of the elementary student artwork that I had photographed a few years ago and I thought I’d share some of the awesomeness (from K to 5th grade).


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Last week we had a few days where NYC was just unbearably steamy, especially for the beginning of June, so we headed to my favorite weekday time-suck: The Brooklyn Museum. The weekday mornings are always ridiculously empty, almost in a deserted, slasher flick way, so I don’t feel bad when LJ starts shouting “LOOK MOMMY!! LOOK AT HER BOOBIES!!! THAT LADY’S NAKED!! HAHA!!”. Before we left our apartment we made a scavenger hunt list of all the things we wanted to find in the artwork: a dog, a train, a princess, a river, a circle, a tiger, a mommy, some kids and a red square. We found them all because my kid is a super intellectual tiny genius. (NOT AT ALL because I bribed her, and told her if she helped me find everything on the list I’d buy her something from the store. Not at ALL.)

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Dreary morning art projects

*All taken with my iphone: hence the fuzz.

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I’m as sick as a dog that’s been run over by a steam roller, so in lieu of a snarky rant about nonsense, or a long-winded post about rodents: I give you one of my favorite videos.

With a creative director dad and an (unemployed) art teacher mom, this kid will have art shoved down her sweet throat at every available opportunity. The other day she actually told me that she hated art but she thinks the Fresh Beat Band is awesome. She knows nothing.

If you live in the tri-state area, have you been to Storm King? You MUST. It’s AWESOME. So go (if it ever stops raining).

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We live within walking distance of what I think is one of the most stunning spots in Brooklyn: Greenwood Cemetery. No, I’m not goth, but I do find something very serene about the rolling hills and monuments smack dab in the middle of NYC. Among a number of famous authors and historical figures buried here is my grandmother, the original stoopmama, who passed away last year at the amazing age of 103. (103!!) There’s a post about her hilariously snarky personality and fascinating life currently in the works (she actually went to speakeasies!). For now, though, here are some images of our last visit to leave some flowers for Nana AND see the grave of my favorite painter, Jean Michel Basquiat:

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