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Have I mentioned how much I love the beach? No? Well, I do. A LOT. Growing up on Long Island, I spent many days and countless summer teenage nights at the beach (doing illegal things, most likely, but we won’t talk about that here). I don’t think I could ever live far away from a coast: it makes me claustrophobic even thinking about it. The ocean soothes my crazy. It’s my Xanax. Or Klonopin. Or Valium. Whichever you choose.

We have a cabana at a beach club on Long Island which makes going to the beach, especially with a kid who loves to dive face-first into the sand the second I apply sunscreen, much easier. It’s awesome. We even have a cabana boy. A CABANA BOY! Like in The Flamingo Kid and 90210, except not really. Not having to deal with lugging chairs and coolers everywhere leaves us plenty of time for our favorite beach activities: sitting, punching waves in the face and saving the jellyfish. LJ will spend HOURS picking up jellyfish, and often jellyfish BITS that have washed ashore, and throwing them back into the ocean. She thinks she’s “saving” them from dying. Even though she only throws them 2 feet away and they wash right back up. That’s my girl!

Summer rules, with or without jellyfish bits.


For this Wordless Wednesday I linked up with the fab mamas at Live and Love… Out LoudProject Alicia, Moms Own Words and Angry Julie Monday.

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When people come over our tiny apartment, I’m often asked things like:

How is your apartment so neat and semi-minimalist with a 3-year-old? Where’s all your stuff?

For example, here’s a picture from a corner of our living room.

Ok. I’m totally full of shit. That’s an image from Design Within Reach (SWOON!), but owning a pair of 6k Barcelona chairs with their ottomans is on my bucket list.

My living room looks NOTHING like this, unfortunately, but it IS fairly neat. I despise tchotchkes, anything that reads “Home Sweet Home”, and plastic, beeping toys. On the surface, it looks fairly minimalist and organized. Behind closed doors, though…. THAT’s my dirty little secret.

Are you ready to see inside our 3 closets in their current state?


Excellent, right?

So while on the outside you see this

(Again, total lie. Thanks DWR.)

…when you scratch the surface it’s a fucking disaster.

Yay honesty!


For this Wordless Wednesday I linked up with the fab mamas at Live and Love… Out Loud, Project Alicia, and Angry Julie Monday.

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After my horrific, soul-crushing Monday, I have to say: I kicked Tuesday’s butt!  LJ and I spent the entire day at Coney Island where we just LOVE the kitsch, the rides, the snacks and the overall awesomeness. (Plus, running into Zach Galifianakis around every corner didn’t hurt.)



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