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Mean mommy

In honor of the last day of women’s history month, a month where we recognized the strength, tenacity and fearlessness of females throughout history: I’m writing about rainbow cookies. Yep. That’s right, and no, I haven’t hit the bottle today (yet). Here’s the story:

LJ takes a music class a few blocks away from our apt every Friday at 4pm. 4:00 is an asinine time to register your toddler for any class, simply because it’s the tail-end of nap time: the sweetest, most precious time of every day. Waking up a sleeping kid; shoving a snack in their face; tossing them in the stroller all groggy-eyed and sprinting 3 blocks to cheerfully belt out “She Sells Seashells” is quite a feat. Usually, in order to get her up without a freak-out, I bribe her with something ridiculously tasty. M&Ms, chocolate covered pretzels, Oreos: whatever will do the trick and make everyone’s lives easier. It’s not an everyday thing, I swear, she usually eats really healthy organic food… but sometimes in a pinch we all need to bribe them. Cut the crap and be honest.

So on one particular day recently I grabbed a GIGANTIC rainbow cookie from Russo’s for her to nosh on in the stroller.  We looooove rainbow cookies in our home despite their horrifyingly bright, cancer-causing food coloring-laden craziness.  By the time we reached music, just as the previous class filled with younger babies was letting out, LJ was COVERED in rainbow cookie. Eyeing my kid’s chocolate smeared face while she struggled to put her baby in a ginormous Kelty backpack carrier, some mom I didn’t know looked at me and asked,

“What is she eating?”

“A rainbow cookie,” I replied.

“Oh. That’s an interesting snack,” she proclaimed with a raised eyebrow while she continued to struggle with the Kelty.

INTERESTING. I was thinking she’d say “Yum!”, or “NomNOM!”… but no.  She judged the sh*t. out. of. me. She SHAMED me, and all because of my kid’s SNACK. I sat there while LJ devoured the last neon crumb and watched this mom leave (heading back to the Appalachian Trail I suppose with that absurd backpack), and I thought about how NASTY we mothers can be to one another.  (Yes, I realize I just ripped on her also, but at least I only did it in my mind.)

Were moms always so bitchy and judgmental throughout history? Were women always so MEAN to each other? Did they get banned from playgroups for feeding their kid formula? Not using cloth diapers? Sleep training their babies? Or is this a new competitive phenomenon? You would think that becoming a parent would be the tie that finally binds us all together after the cliques of our younger years. After all, this parenting sh*t can be tough. We could use the support from one another, even if it’s just a sympathetic wink while your kid is face-down in a tantrum at the foot of the slide. At times, though, this seems WORSE than high school. People are more mean, and it sucks.

Sure, I have mom friends that I treasure and adore, but as a whole? I’m not about to celebrate women until we learn to play nice.


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