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Inspired by a post from the blog Mama Wants This, I didn’t have to think long to decide what I would deem in our home as the worst toys EVER. The toys that make my skin crawl. The toys that make me want to hurl them against the wall, hoping they shatter into a million pieces. The toys I have tried to throw away, but always get caught doing so. The toys that make me want to shoot myself in the face.

Pain in the Ass Toy #1

Imagine listening to this for more than 25 seconds. It’s so sensitive that every time something is placed on top of it on the bookshelf, even the lightest feather, it starts quacking. All. The. Time.

Pain in the Ass Toy #2

Honestly, I used to kind of like Thomas. I loved that my daughter wasn’t into pushing dolls around in a stroller, and much preferred dinosaurs and trains. Then we saw Thomas Live at MSG, and that shit was so boring we’re all over it. This is BY FAR the worst Thomas toy in existence.

Pain in the Ass Toy #3

Ok, I know you’re all going to say, “Whaaaat? That’s an eco-friendly Melissa & Doug educational toy! What’s not to love?”. Let me tell you something: I am so SICK of being engrossed in the latest episode of Real Housewives of NYC, only to randomly hear “U is for UMBRELLA!” out of the BLUE. If one of the pieces falls off while on the shelf, it just calls out at random intervals. When it’s dark and you’re home alone, hearing some strange man suddenly call out “D is for DICE!” is creepy as shit.

So, what are the toys that make you want to pull YOUR hair out?


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