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Here comes the post in which I am going to MORTIFY my dear husband. Are you ready? Look what I found!

THAT, my friends, is a box of notes written to my husband from his girlfriends in JUNIOR HIGH (and a few from high school). Many of them were even still folded up in those perfect little triangles. After COMPLETELY busting on him for holding on to these notes written by various girls from 23 years ago (TWENTY THREE YEARS AGO!!!), we cracked open a few bottles of wine last night and read through them. All of them.

What made them particularly amazing was the fact that since I have known Pete since elementary school, I also know ALL these girls. In fact, one of my best friends “dated” my husband for a few weeks in 7th grade, and some of the notes were from her. From SEVENTH GRADE. I died laughing. DIED.

The angst. The fights. The gossip. The proclamations of everlasting love. They were BEGGING to be shared, so I’ve pulled out some of my favorite bits.

**Remember, all names are changed; these were from about 5 different girls (Pete was kind of an adolescent ho); and they’re from the minds of 13-16 year olds (many of whom I know and love today, which is why this makes me pee.). If I had a box of my own notes, I would share them in a HEARTBEAT. So here goes:

:: Hello, what’s up? My name is ****** and I’m in your homeroom and english class. Tell you the truth I am madly in love with you. My locker number is 1223… I love you!!

:: I love to just sit in my room, with soft music on, and think about you.

:: In english class I asked you “if we are going out?” You said “do you want to?” I said “O.K.” That’s what happened.

:: I wish the world was ours. A world where we could be all alone and share these times together. Because I don’t think I will ever be happier than I am now.

:: It seems to me that whenever you come over all we do is make out or whatever you want to call it. It’s gotten to the point when it’s starting to make me feel as if that’s what you love, not me, as a person.

:: Do you remember when you wrote, “I really like you, as a person, you are what I have been looking for, for a long time?”.

:: ****** was really upset about #### breaking up with her. She told ^^^^ that she was crying all through 8th period and the teacher made her go to the bathroom to calm down.

:: What have I done to deserve you? I’m really lucky. You REALLY love me and nothing else matters.

:: I feel so ugly b/c my skin is so dry, blotchy and broken out. I got a new lipstick. I’m so excited!

:: Reasons why you should smile!

  1. You have lacrosse today.
  2. There are no canker sores in your mouth.
  3. Lunch is coming soon.
  4. You remembered to put socks on.
  5. I love you very much!

:: I feel that the only time I can really even get close to making you happy is when we make out.

Last, but not least: my absolute FAVORITE…

:: Wear your boat shoes!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!! Remember, preppy guys are REALLY attractive. Especially ones who have boat shoes! WEAR THEM!!

*****I love you guys. 😉 *****


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